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Côte d’Ivoire : Input prices increase impact in cotton farming sector

Government subsidies of 29 billion FCFA to Cotton producers.

Cotton is an important role in the economy and social balance of Côte d’Ivoire namely in the center and the northern savannah areas of the country. It’s the main source of cash revenue for farmers of those areas of the country and contributes indeed to fight against poverty.

Cotton represents 7% of the country’s export revenue and is estimated to 1.7% of the GDP. More than 3.5 million people are estimated to be directly or indirectly committed in cotton farming.

As for 2020-2021 campaign the production reached the peak of 242,000 tons of fiber which is an increase of 14% comparatively to the level of 210,000 tons of 2019-2020 campaign for an increase land areas of 9%, shifting from 408,448 hectares to 444 870 hectares.

In order to counter balance the present high prices impact of cotton for 2022-2023 campaign, the government makes the decision to grant 29 billion FCFA subsidies to cotton producers.

This has been announced by Mr Kouassi Adjoumani, Ministry of Agriculture and rural development in Abidjan on July 15th 2022.

Indeed organic fertilizer (NKP) prices to producers increased to more than 84% and that of urea up to 114%. To put up with the input high prices impact on farmers and ameliorate their revenues the Government decided to grant cotton producers subsidies of 29 billion FCFA.

In that context input prices allowed to cotton farmers are as follow:
Indeed organic fertilizer (NKP) 227 FCFA, that’s to say 13,850 the sack of 50 kg, urea 295 FCFA that’s to say 14,750  the sack of 50 Kg, Insecticide 33,000 FCFA/hectare.

As for 2022-2023 compaign the cotton with grain has been fixed to 310 FCFA per Kg. The first quality increased to 10FCFA more comparatively to that of the previous compaign.

2022-2023 compaign forecast are estimated to 570, 425 tons of cotton with grains for a land area of 475, 354 hectares, in addition an average yield of 1,200 Kg per hectare which should confirm the sound dynamism of the cotton sector.  

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